Engineering Laboratories, Inc., founded in 1935, has remained a family owned and operated business throughout its 80 plus years. For four generations we have been continuously working to develop and perfect our unique and innovative manufacturing processes. Our commitment to American manufacturing has enabled us to become a leader in the production of precision plastic balls both nationally and internationally. Annually, we produce over 700 million parts, varying in size from 1/32 to 5 inches. We are proud of this ability and welcome the opportunity to satisfy the diverse needs and specifications of all our nationwide and worldwide customers.

Engineering Laboratories, Inc. is committed to manufacturing quality products made from premium materials with a focus on friendly and efficient customer service. We stock items for future releases, run stock in anticipation of future orders, and stay committed to quality and excellence.

Service and Capabilities
All of our manufacturing is done on premises which enables us to be committed to a “hands on” approach for all orders from start to finish. Our fully staffed “in house” tool room can also perform the customization and experimentation required for the Research & Development of custom items. New product inquiries are always welcome. We enjoy exploring new materials and procedures in order to help you stay ahead of the competition. We believe this commitment to individualized attention and exact specifications gives our customers the advantage they need to meet the competitive demands of the ever expanding worldwide markets.