“Deceptively Simple.”
Although simple in shape, manufacturing a precisely round ball is a complicated process with many manufacturing stages; forming through injection molding or extrusion, centerless precision grinding or lapping, tumble finishing/polishing, proper size measuring and quality control. All this done within tolerances as tight as +-.001 inch. This type of precision requires constant focus on quality.

“Necessity Breeds Innovation.”
Engineering Laboratories Inc. has always employed its strong history of innovative thinking and problem solving toward quality control. Throughout our history we’ve developed in house equipment and procedures that improve production quality including beside press equipment and degaters, “go-no go” gauges, screens, and custom precision grinding equipment.

High quality products begin with high quality materials. We only use premium grade plastics from top producers like DuPont and Exxon Mobile and never add fillers or purchase regrind material.

In Process Control
Quality is monitored and recorded at every stage of production. In process quality records are batch/lot specific and travel with the product until production is completed. Once completed these records are joined with the final inspection and quality control measurements. These records are kept for a minimum of 5 years.

Final Inspection and Measurement
With our precision products, 100% of the parts are qualified through the use of our size sorting rollers. Additionally, 100% of these parts are visually inspected to insure the highest consistency of quality. Prior to bagging and shipping the product is evaluated with our “no touch” computerized visual Keyence measuring equipment. This equipment allows us to consistently measure our wide range of products in a manner that is unbiased and with an accuracy greatly exceeding our standard tolerances.

Final Product
Our precision products are of the highest possible quality and are only shipped if all our quality standards are met.