Also known by its trademark name Lexan, Polycarbonate is a very durable, high impact resistant material. It is clear with characteristics similar to Acrylic (PMMA) but much stronger. It is easy to machine without risk of cracking or breaking. It is a good electrical insulator with better heat resistance than Acrylic and is flame retardant. However it is more expensive than Acrylic and after being machined cannot be polished to as high of a luster or clarity. Polycarbonate when laminated can be used to make bullet-proof glass. Common uses include: electrical and telecommunications hardware, dome lights, safety glasses and automotive headlamp lenses.

Specific Gravity
1.2 g/cc
Max Operating Temperature
250 F / 121 C
Hardness, Rockwell
Heat Deflection Temperature
270 F / 132 C
Tensile Strength
9500 psi
Water Absorption
24 hr .12%
Compressive Strength
12,000 psi
Dielectric Constant
Flexural Strength
15,000 psi
Melting Point
425 – 500F

*Values listed are approximate