LDPE is a light weight thermoplastic made from petroleum. It is slightly less dense than HDPE and is generally more transparent. Its intermolecular forces are weaker than HDPE as well as its tensile strength however its resilience is higher. It is quite flexible and tough but still breakable. It has excellent resistance to acids, alcohols, bases and esters. It has moderate resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, mineral oils and oxidizing agents. It has poor resistance to Halogenated hydrocarbons. Common uses include: containers, tubing, and plastic bags. It is commonly recycled with a class “4” code.

Specific Gravity
.92 g/cc
Max Operating Temperature
160 F / 71 C
Hardness, Shore
Heat Deflection Temperature
120 F / 48 C
Tensile Strength
1800-2200 psi
Water Absorption
24 hr 0%
Melting Point
230 F / 110 C
Dielectric Constant